Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kabul is the same

This is from Kabul;

i might be up to some potential solutions for afghanistan. I have isolated two pernicious malaises of the society. firstly I think sublimation is the key ingredient of the personal ethics and social conscious. by that I mean conveyancing every rational thought into a socially accepted or cultural quality dogma. I had my cultural shocks a few times when spoke of the naked truth. truth was taken as an insult. I experienced that truth was very much seen in the framework provided by Lenin, the great soviet revolutionary, "truth is a lie told so many times that it has become acceptable". let me recite an anecdote to elaborate the point,  the government banned Pakistani papers and I said in a gathering; " the ban was a breach of free expression. if we are advocating freedom then we should not crackdown on others right to freedom. otherwise it would only mean that the noble principle is used as a tool to conceal other intentions." this would seem as common sense statement. i faced a silence usually given to a retarded view not to insult the subject feelings. I was later told that Pakistani papers are insulting to Afghans and damages our national image, furthermore Pakistan is a hostile state and the gullible public should not be exposed to its thoughts. I am nothing if not adaptable and as a student of Darwin i changed. the next time i was to speak about the issue I sublimated my thoughts. "the ministry of interior seem to have a large number of Tajiks and Hazaras at the top and they are normally seen as hostile to Pakistan. the ministry should not have issued an outright ban but should have referred the matter to ministry of information and culture with an emphasise to limit the distribution of the paper.  an outright ban from a branch of armed forces might irritate the government of pakistan to impose limitation on millions of Afghans that still lives in Pakistan or at best give a reason for unsanctioned harassment but Pakistani police. The ministry of information is more relevant to the matter and run by liberal minded individuals. if the controlled measure was a limitation instead of of an outright ban from the ministry on certain type of content that the Pakistani papers can't avoid to carry then it would have seem that the issue was handled more fairly." that went down swimmingly. my intention is to sublimate some of my what would otherwise be regular thoughts tomorrow and see how it flies. this is a great skill for life.

the second is manlove, referred to all the kissing and hugging of the male. i personally deplore this, what seem to be at its facevalue a candid act. manlove appear to be a perspicuous tale of relationship that reminds us of simple times, while in reality the act degenerates the relationship of the man with children and women. consider this anecdote, i am sittting in a restaurant and a couple with a child walks in and sits at a table nearby. every several minutes a man or several walks in and hug and kisses this man while shaking thier head to the woman and child. in a few minutes the woman and child sinks to the background of the event.

same old same old stuff just a little trickier