About the Author

I was born and raised in Afghanistan, the land of scorching sun, chilly nights, starvation, privation, sloppy dull days, long dark nights and insist vivid longing. I have vivid and mixed up memories of frosty crackle of the bullets, the roar and glare of bombs, clear cold light of the mornings and the mountain dawns stretching along to the distances. I started this blog after turning twenty and struggling with restrictions of Afghanistan believing that taboos and restrictions inadvertently and overtime result in a stifled society and stagnated mindsets; it was perhaps intended as a forum for free expression and honest insight. I still hold the belief that free expression is crucial for making sense of complex situations we face and avoid the bandwagon and its pitfalls. 

My day job is working on business strategies of media organisations and learning from behaviour of media and communication organisations particularly what messages they want to put out and what shapes the interaction of media professionals and sponsors.  

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