Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Robotic Intelligence take on preservation and sacrifice

We all know well the Third Law of robotics; for the benefit of refreshing your memory it is a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. this is not a rule made by self-actuating Artificial Intelligence; it’s a rule we made for them so they remain subservient but also a reflection of our own imperfection. it is an act on our part of divine providence rooted in our struggle between soul and body on one hand and sublimity and fallibility on the other.   

We are capable of the act that defies evolutionary advantage and reason. We call it sacrifice, it’s an act based on our emotions that goes against our nature because by nature we are programmed to maximise our life and prevent harm or death. our most valuable faculty is reason. We identify preferences on rational grounds and this process of reasoning has put us on top of all creatures. is sacrifice a province of superior intelligence or is it an aberration, more like a bug or glitch in AI. The latter undermines the validity of the Third Robotic Law and the former raises safety concerns.  

The first question to ask is when will machines have an original thought and the answer to that is they already have many original thoughts. that brings us to the question of when are they going to be concerned about self-preservation? let me back up a bit and get to that in a minute. 

A self-recursive computer is going to be so much smarter than us that it will be the same as we are smarter in comparison to an ant. When was the last time you cared about killing ants while digging in your garden (it’s rhetorical). 

We can get tangled up on various nodes discussing what constitutes smart but let’s just say we are different smart. We are creative and strategic while computers are analytical and logical. the later carries huge advantages over the former just like human superior intelligence is better than ants’ superior abilities. Our Intelligence helped us dominate earth but we are not the most capable. Ants are capable of a wide range of moves such as jumping, gliding, rafting; they can also form living chains to bridge water or vegetation. 

Self-preservation relates to how sacrifice is perceived; robots’ impression of it depends on their relation with us. We don't know what Cybernetics will think of us, it will certainly solve hunger, war and other problems we struggle with today but it might take the route of the Android immaculately portrayed by Fassbender in Alien Covenant. 

We just have to wait until the latter half of this century and see. The take away for your career is if you are considering to take up coding don't bother now, computers will soon be self-coding (Recursive AI) and focus on Psycho-Cybernetics because once they are here they will know what you are thinking. 

are robots going to be concerned about Me, Me, Me or is sacrifice innate to super intelligence.