About This Blog

This is the story of people and ideas. its filled with uncertainty, pointlessness and aimlessness while at the same time filled with hope, exhilaration and aspirations. Its an attempt at breaking the grip of the perfect explanation, the single story, the narrative framework, the logic of history, the tyranny of assumption that bestows false confidence. Lets come to appreciate cultures, flourish overlapping stories, recognise multiple identities, get uncomfortable about our sources, mix imagination and fantasy with reality. Underneath all that history that construct cultures there are universal aspirations for dignity and respect. Each of us is like every person on earth; in some ways, each of us is like the members of our culture and group; and, in some ways, each of us is unique.

Things are only ever seen perspective, and only understood in perspective: and only more effects we can muster about a subject, the more ways of seeing, different ways of seeing, we are capable of, the more complete our ‘concept’ of it and our ‘objectivity’ will be. This website is an attempt to share some perspective.

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