Monday, July 07, 2008

suicide attack on indian embassy

A Taliban suicide car bomb has hit the Indian Embassy in Kabul, killing 41 people and wounding 141. The bomber rammed his car into the embassy just as two diplomatic vehicles were entering the compound. A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack. The Health Ministry said 28 people were killed and 141 wounded, but a senior police official said the death toll was 41.

This was a very organised attack. The authorities admitted that the attack was coordinated the precision, timing and target of the attack has so overwhelmed the authorities that they now link it to Pakistan secret service. Among many Indian embassy staff is the military attaché too.

The attack has also killed many children too who were on their way to school. I am attaching some picture to help visualise the crime. This is such a cruel act of inhumanity that I don’t want to write about how wrong it is. but there is one question in my mind; given the precision of the attack, Taliban or whoever is behind the attack got what they wanted the death of civilians is a collateral damage which is trivial for achieving a larger goal. I have been on both sides of the claim I could easily condemn the attack and the larger goal of the attacker. I have been to such scenes and I was so shocked and the only thing I wanted was no more attack. There are many people in Afghanistan today who don’t like violence because inevitability innocent people are going to die in the process. these people are foreigners favourite. The foreign community love people who don’t like to pursue violence to resolve conflicts while they themselves are happy to do so. If you are an afghan intellegencia or part of civil society then you condemn violence and don’t Taliban. in return taliban are accusing them of being weak and playing in the hands of invaders, which is true to some extent.

However I have been to the other side of the argument too. After 9/11 I did not feel sorry at all I thought it was an incident which had some collateral damage which compared to my experience was nothing. In my life time over two million of my compatriots have died and half of the country have fled. I believed 9/11 is good for Afghanistan. the world would be so pissed off that they won’t tolerate Taliban and Afghanistan is going to be a better place without Taliban. I have no sympathy and connection with people who died on 9/11 what so ever, while I am deeply connected with two million people who died in my country in my life time.

My response right now to this incident is; if my little brother comes home safe and he is not among dead and wounded children, this is a nice attack with horrific collateral damage. This is an unfair world and everybody pursues an agenda and collateral damage happen it was just yesterday that Americans bombed a village and killed 25 people in wedding when they suspected it of a Taliban gathering in Nangarhar province; it was the day before yesterday that Americans bombed a village in nuristan and killed 15 people in a mistaken attack.

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