Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dancing with the shadow

Dancing with the shadow
Complying companion
I here I come, I hear I jump
Harmonious mover quick shaker
good friend, not missing one gesture.
Never noticed you before
Lost you,
Clouds are blocking the moon
Only the dark ones
Signaling rain, party over
Shadow a companion which doesn’t
Trying made me wet all over,
The dog is leaping
Hoping to catch up with the shadow
Poor dogs, have to imitate their
The soulless, soundless but animated
Venus, Jupiter, mars blinking
Waiting for the moon back
The wind wipes the cloud off the moon face

Let be this the last line
The sky shatters,
Blue light shows the horizon
The roar followed
A slow companion
Not quite a shadow
The lightening danced out
The roar moaned to catch up
The clouds building shapes
Moon comes through a triangular
Venus is in the key hole
Barking dog calls on the lightening

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