Wednesday, August 08, 2007

media power - kabul diary

i was just in the ministry of interior affairs, living a day of my life with Afghan bureaucracy.

afghan armed forces and afghan police is a great place to see how power is shared in afghanistan.

Billions of dollars have been invested in armed forces to make them an emblem of national unity and a power to keep the country national but they don't have the slightest character of nationalhood. power is shared along the undemocratic lines. the most powerful is the generals and commanders who are friends with Americans and ally with westerners. The second level of power is connection with the so called leaders, both tribal and mujahideen.


five years has passed since the so-called democratic intervention in Afghanistan but the country is undemocratic more than ever and politically corrupt than ever.

its very important to support social causes like radio watandar and other media and civil society representatives, as another power pillar. otherwise old same stuff would happen few people suppressing the rest of the soceity.


media hasn't proven yet as another power pillar and there is not yet that direct connection with people.

warlords and political groups have realsed the importance of media and today they have dozens of outlets. this is why internatioanl community has stopped their support for free media.

i think we can pretty much see where this country is going. down the same line it was ten years ago anarchy and warlordism. it's just a matter of time. 



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