Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Taliban phoning UK soldiers' families

TALIBAN are reportedly phoning the families of troops fighting in Afghanistan and telling them their loved ones are dead.

Afghan insurgents have been using mobile phone-hacking technology to extract phone numbers to target the families of British troops, The Sun newspaper reported today.

According to The Sun, a Taliban fanatic called the wife of an Royal Air Force officer and told her: “You’ll never see your husband alive again – we have just killed him.” After calling the RAF, she was told that her husband was safe and well.

As a result of opposition forces using advanced technology to monitor calls made on mobile phones, British servicemen have been banned from using their phones.
“We assume these days that every conversation over mobile phones is being heard by our enemies,” a senior officer said.

“They have some pretty powerful friends and allies, who are giving them some very sophisticated help. They will use that information in any way they can to damage us, whether it is physically or mentally.” The Ministry of Defence said families of troops in Iraq had also suffered from “nuisance calls” in the past year


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