Saturday, August 18, 2007

german woman kidnapped

Several gunmen interred a restaurant and kidnapped a german woman. one of the men went inside BBQ tonight. Two assailants waited outside, while another waited in a parked gray Toyota Corolla.

The man in the restaurant then pulled out a pistol, walked up to a table where the woman was sitting with her boyfriend, and took her away. The boyfriend is unharmed, the restaurant owner called the police and another run after the car.


BBQ tonight is a new fast food restaurant in karti sai. The restaurant is opposite to some warlord house so there is always some armed guards outside on watch. The road from restaurant leads to an immediate roundabout where always at least four cops are on the watch. BBQ tonight is 300 feet away from 3rd district police station. Police, alerted to the kidnapping, spotted the speeding car and opened fire, but instead hit a nearby taxi and killed its driver.


The German woman abducted Saturday worked for a small, nonaffiliated Christian organization called Ora International.

Based in the central German town of Korbach, north of Frankfurt, the group is active in 30 countries around the world and concentrates its efforts in Afghanistan on health issues and HIV/AIDS awareness, the group said on its Web site.


U.N. staff in Kabul, meanwhile, were told Saturday afternoon to remain in their locations. All foreigners were also placed under tight security. There was a big panic in foreign community this afternoon. Some were stuck in restaurants and swimming pools or yoga clubs and gems since Saturday is a day off for them. this is certainly scary for the foreign community. This is the first kidnapping in Kabul city after two years. as Taliban changes their tactics and criminal groups find better methods of earning, foreigners and aid workers are worried about their security. Once the method is in place the security measures won’t make much difference, an Englishman was shot dead and then rubbed close to American embassy and NATO headquarter, the part of town with heighten security.






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