Thursday, August 02, 2007


The armed Taliban leaders held a session in Kota, capital of Baluchistan, and decided that they will hand over the leadership of their troops in Afghanistan to foreigners.According to the report, the armed Taliban council leaders held a session in the capital of Baluchistan, Kota, two weeks ago and decided that the command of the Taliban troops would be handed over to the foreigners in Afghanistan.This time, papers have been published in Marja, Nad Ali and a number of other areas of Helmand province by the Taliban.

These papers were written on computers and then [photo]copied. The Taliban of the southwest seriously condemned the meeting in Koti and stated that if in fact the leadership of the Taliban was to be handed over to foreigners like Arabs, Chechens, Panjabis and Uzbek warlords, then they would leave the Taliban […].A tribal elder of Helmand province who declined to give his name told Azadi Radio that the commanders of Helmand province also seriously condemn the programme of Mullah Mohammad Omar and don’t accept the leadership of foreigners.

He said that the Taliban members would fight against the Americans and other foreigners until they breathed their last breath. He said that the decision of the Taliban council leaders in Kota was incorrect and stated that Mullah Mohammad Omar must know that Pashtuns don’t want to be slaves.

According to the Taliban, death is better for them than accepting the leadership of foreigners like Arabs, Uzbeks, Chechens and others, and that even it is not clear whether Uzbeks and Chechens are Muslims or not.On the other hand, the Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi said that this report was propaganda, but didn’t give further details in this regard.

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