Wednesday, August 22, 2007

international assistance or conspiracy

Usman Haqrab, chief editor of satirical magazine – zanbil gham, is a good friend of mine. His last name means Scorpion because of his reputation for stinging political and social satirical articles.

Usman believes the issue of drug would never be resolved until foreigners leave Afghanistan. “the total world drug trade equals US$ 315 billion and only uS$3.2 Billion comes to Afghanistan, while we are the biggest drug producer of the world” said Usman “why is no body asking where the rest of the money goes, it funds western civilizations” he added. Usman believes foreign troops in Afghanistan uses military power for commercial reasons. Usman is claiming that he has evidence that foreign troops use their air transport to smuggle out afghan artifacts and drug.


All Afghan airports are controlled by foreign troops with no interference from Afghan government.  It would be a long time and hard work to prove that foreign military is involved in drug trafficking but it’s not strange for Afghans, soviet troops, two decade before western countries were in Afghanistan and it goes without saying that they were very much involved in the drug market and it is among one of the major reasons of their failure.  

NATO troops are sent here with the same mission as soviets, Nato and Americans are in Afghanistan to outwit the Taliban by infiltrate remote areas of Afghanistan, before seizing their targets and effecting their escape.

Italians came with this mission to Afghanistan, so said the UN, NATO and the world, but it turns out that actually they were wrong and Usman theory is shaping as a truth. six Italian officers are facing a court martial after investigators discovered that their targets were Afghan rugs and that they had been using troops and military helicopters to smuggle them out of the Herat area and back to Italy.

Hundreds of carpets are believed to have ended up in the homes of officers and their friends, while others were sold in carpet shops or markets.
A spokesman at the Military Tribunal of Rome said six men - three captains, two lieutenant colonels and a warrant officer - from the 1st Aves-Antares regiment were under investigation for misusing an armed escort.

"The investigation centres on troops being used to guard Afghan carpets which were then flown to Italy via other countries and their transport was not reported through the proper channels,'' the spokesman said. To avoid checks by Italian military police, the carpets and other trinkets were flown to Viterbo by complicated routes through other European Nato countries.

Prosecutors had intended to investigate cigarette smuggling but changed track when tipped off about the carpets.
The six face court martial under Italian military law for breaching rules on bringing back unauthorised material from a war zone and for the misuse of an armed escort. The regiment has been in Afghanistan for two years and has three CH47 helicopters which are meant to be used for emergency evacuation and transportation.


The Nederlands has over 2000 troops in southern Afghan province of Urozgan. Urozgan is among the four provinces in southern Afghanistan which are the considered Taliban home. Tirin Kot is the capital of Urozgan with a small air strip controlled by dutch military.  Urozgan is the home town of Mullah Omar the supreme commander of Taliban, obviously the dutch military is not welcomed there. Among the very few people who are happy about there presence of NATO is mostly children. Children come to the airstrip and sell drugs to dutch soldier from behind the fences and barb wire.   

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