Saturday, August 11, 2007

Korshied Samad on Sounds Like Canada

I caught most of an interview of Khorshied Samad.

I have to say up front that when she was introduced as "Khorshied Samad, the wife of Afghan ambassador to Canada Omar Samad", it made me feel a little odd. I knew nothing of this woman, but surely if she is being interviewed on the radio then she has done something more important than just being "husband to" somebody. At least I hope so.

And then after a lengthy interview detailing the struggles of women in Afghanistan, how they are mistreated, belittled, and marginalized... wait for it.. Kevin Sylvester goes on to conclude the interview just as he started it: summarizing this woman's life experience and accomplishments as "Khorshied Samad, wife of Omar Samad, Afghan ambassador to Canada."

Great work there CBC.

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