Friday, August 10, 2007

Kamran was arrested

Kamran Mirhazar, (Salam Watandar journalist), has been detained by Afghanistan’s NDS special police again. He was picked up outside the Internews office this morning at 9.20am by 7 plain clothed NDS special police in 3 unmarked vehicles. He was forced into a car at gun point. This is the 2nd time in one month he has been detained with no reason provided and no legal representation. Most of you are familiar with the previous 5 day detention of Kamran by NDS police. Last time we believe he was released unharmed due to the combined lobbying efforts of the Afghan media, a few Afghan ministers, human rights agencies and a handful of leading international development agencies. Kamran has been living at the Internews office since his last detention due to fear of ongoing surveillance and intimidation by NDS police.

No reason was provided for Kamran’s arrest

Kamran does not have legal representation

Kamran has no mode of communication to anyone

Last time Kamran was detained NDS officers line of questioning focused largely on Kamran’s website Kabul Press they were concerned that Kamran was funded by a source/agency that was working to undermine the government of Afghanistan.

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